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Unique products require unique knowledge and insights. Only Advana can dive into more than 3.2 billion retail transactions and connect with over 10 million shoppers from 40,000 retail locations to deliver the best custom research.

Optimize Price

We help you price your products to maximize revenue, profit, and units to meet your KPIs. We dig deep into our point-of-sale data measuring your product's velocity by price point, category competition, and sales according to geographic regions.

Spot Trends

New innovations pop up every day. Advana’s AI can spot the ones that are poised for growth so you can ensure your brands & assortment are always on trend.

Eliminate Slow SKUs

Sometimes a product doesn't fit the market or needs to be removed completely. With Advana, you can be the first to know so you can minimize your losses and maximize your best sellers.

Where Will Your Insights Take You?

We provide you with custom metrics to get you where you need to go.

Dashboard showing customized insights and metrics like trip frequency, product velocity heat map, and bundled versus non-bundled transactions.

We Offer This and More...

There are no limits to the data Advana can deliver. Here are some common insights we deliver for our customers.

Top Product Summary

Measure directly from the point of sale key metrics.






Retail Price

Basket Affinities

Nearly 40% of micro market purchases include more than one product. Discover how consumers choose to bundle with your products for better targeted promotions.

Categories bought together

Brands bought together

Daypart Trends

Discover what hours of the day your products are most frequently purchased to understand the need states that consumers are fulfilling by choosing your brand.

Popular Buying Hours

Products Bought

Custom Surveys

Gather important feedback from your users directly at the point of sale with our mobile surveys.

Measure Brand Health

Imagery Ratings

Measure Aided and Un-Aided Brand Awareness

Purchase Intent