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Advance to New Levels and New Places with Promote

Advana verifies your product is selling and identifies new locations that are a good fit for your brand, ensuring the best returns for your investment.

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Shopper Promotions with Impact

Advana’s platform finds the best locations to meet your audience where your product is. We deliver seamless digital advertising with your product just steps away.

Verified Inventory

We verify your product is selling at each location before we activate your promotion, ensuring the best returns for your investment.

Verified Impressions

Every impression with Advana is verified when a consumer interacts with our screens so you never pay for impressions when no one is looking.

Tracked Results

Get eCommerce-grade analytics for your retail. Track your impressions, engagements, and sales for every location participating in your campaign.

Get your promotion in front of the
right consumers

Promote your product at scale while still reaching the right consumers at the right time. We verify our impressions at every location and track the results so you can see the impact of your promotion.


Retail Locations




Unique SKUs
Example promotional ads offering a discount from Jack Links, Lays chips, and Dunk Aroos

Enhanced with the Ultimate
Product Intelligence

Track your impressions, engagements, and sales for every location participating in your campaign so that you measure the impact of your promotions and make strategic decisions for your fast moving CPG's.

Fast moving CPG's move faster with Promote

Fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs) thrive with Advana Promote helping you sell, earn, and profit faster than ever.

Chart of increasing impressions, engagement and sales
Line graph of daypart trends and a bar graph of basket affinities

Daypart trends & basket analysis

In addition to our performance metrics, Advana Promote PRO brings you enhanced insights with day part trends & basket analysis. Know when shoppers buy your products and what they buy with it.

Level up with Sentry

Dive even deeper with actionable data, gathered from the point-of-sale. Compare your product and promotion performance with top industry competitors.

Sentry Data
Two dashboards with CPG product data